3 Simple Ways I Speed Up Cleaning My Home

I think that we can all agree on one thing – everyone likes having a spotless home yet no one really enjoys the cleaning process. It’s time-consuming and it’s a task that needs to be done very often.

Even if there is no way to avoid cleaning your home you can still make it easier for yourself by following some pretty simple rules I created for myself – rules for fast cleaning as I like to call them!

Here Is How I Clean My Home Fast

– I get rid of the clutter

Before I start my cleaning routine I always go in every room and get rid of the clutter. For example, I place all objects that are out of place where they are supposed to be.

I throw away any trash, I sort the pile of clothes in my bedroom and either fold them and put them back in my closet or throw them in the washing machine.

By doing this you ensure clutter-free easy-to-clean rooms which will make the cleaning process a lot faster.

– I don’t focus on rooms – I focus on cleaning tasks

If you want to clean your home faster the last thing you should do is focus one room at a time. In fact, it’s way easier to pick one cleaning task and do it in every room then continue to the next one.

For example, the first thing in my cleaning routine is dusting. I grab a microfiber cloth and my all-purpose cleaner and I remove the dust from every surface in my entire home – I start with the kitchen then move to the living room, bathroom, and my bedroom.

Then I ditch the cloth and the cleaner and move on to vacuuming.

– I clean my cleaning tools once I am done cleaning my home

There is nothing worse than using dirty cleaning tools. If you do it you will spread dirt, dust, and germs all over your home and you will create an even bigger mess.

And by the end – when you are done cleaning, you will see that you actually didn’t do much.

Cleaning with dirty tools is pointless which is why I always make sure they are clean and ready to be used.