6 things to do while under quarantine because of coronavirus

Despite the situation with the coronavirus we still need to try to find the positives and focus on them. If you are stuck at home under quarantine don’t immediately think that you are going to lose your mind because there are plenty of things that you can do. I indeed am also under quarantine and I am sitting in my home without going out, and I must say – we will get through this.

– Let’s start off with reading a good book

If you are one of those people that have a lot of books in their wish-list but haven’t found the time to pick them up and read them – now is the time. If you don’t have books of your wish-list then it is time to make it and start crossing book off of it once you read them. For example, love self-development books and I am using my free time to read some of my old favorites as well as find new ones I like.

– Watch movies and series

Netflix can be a rabbit hole – so why don’t you find a new series? What better way to spend your free time than to watch a good show?

– Try out new cuisine

You have a lot of free time to explore new recipes and new cuisines. Pick a couple and start making them following a recipe on the internet.

There are such delicious meals around the world, and when you are stuck in your home without being able to go to a restaurant then it’s a perfect opportunity to start cooking something you have never before.

– Learn a new language

If you have always had a desire to learn a new language then it’s the perfect time to do so. There are countless Youtube tutorials for beginners as well as there are countless apps and websites that cater to learning new languages.

If you have studied a foreign language and you feel like you are starting to forget it then it’s also the perfect time to start watching shows and reading books in that language.

– Take care of your skin

Why don’t you find a new mask for your face and try it out? Make a home spa day. Look up recipes for hair masks as well. You might actually like some so much that you include them in your daily routine.

– Create a list of things you will do once the quarantine is over

We have an opportunity to self-reflect and think about our goals and dreams. Go deep within and create a list of your goals and things you are absolutely going to do after this situation is done.