How To Remove Candle Wax Stains?

Who doesn’t like to light a few candles in their home while enjoying their dinner? It’s the best way to create a romantic atmosphere, right? But, unfortunately, these candles will eventually start dripping which will create a huge mess – and a lot of headaches for you because you probably don’t know how to remove wax stains.

Don’t Worry – I Will Show You!

I have been there – staring at the candle wax that has stained my favourite carpet. I used to even think that using vinegar will be the solution to my problem – but it wasn’t! It made everything even worse.

But by now I have mastered the art of removing candle wax stains – and I will show you exactly how.

Now, keep in mind that you should never try to remove hot wax – wait for it to cool down and harden first!

For Clothes And Fabric

If wax dripped on your clothes or on any fabric you need to grab a butter knife, your iron, and some paper bags.

Start off with using the butter knife to scrape off as much of the wax as possible. Then place the fabric between two paper bags, set your iron to medium heat and iron over the bags. What this will do is transfer the wax from the fabric to the paper bags.

For Your Carpet

For those of you that have wax on their carpet – you need to prepare a cloth and your iron.

Dampen the cloth and place it over the stained area. Grab your iron, and place it on top of the cloth. That way the wax will stick to the cloth.

From Wooden Furniture

Grab ice, a towel, and a spoon. Place the ice in the towel and rub the ice over the wax so that it hardens as much as possible. You shouldn’t directly use the ice because it will get the wax wet which will make removing it way harder.

Then grab the spoon and scrape the wax. You might need to repeat the process a few times before you completely remove the wax!