How to remove coffee stains from your carpet?

Spilling coffee on your favourite carpet is actually the worst! It’s a pretty tough stain to remove especially if the carpet was light coloured. It’s just as bad as spilling red wine and tomato sauce – and we have all experienced that.

The most important thing when it comes to treating coffee stains is to be fast with the cleaning. As soon as you spill the drink you need to start removing it otherwise it will be even harder to deal with.

How to remove a coffee stain

The first thing you should do when dealing with spiled coffee is to blot as much as possible with a clean cloth. That way you will transfer the liquid onto the cloth.

Then quickly mix a tablespoon of liquid dish soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Grab another clean cloth, dampen it in the mixture, and start treating the affected area with it. Be careful and don’t scrub too intensely because you might drive the stain deeper into the carpet. Instead, be gentle and don’t apply too much pressure.

Then rinse the area with cold water. You can do that by soaking another cloth with water and blotting the mixture off of the carpet. You don’t want to leave it on because soapy water attracts dirt.

What if the stain is old?

So this cleaning method I just followed you through is for fresh coffee stains but what should you do if yours is old and has already dried?

This might be tricky and I do need to tell you that you might not be able to succeed on your own because coffee stains are very tough to remove.

Wet the stained area with water in order to “activate it” as I like to say. Then continue with following the same steps I just told you about.

If you aren’t seeing any results and the stains don’t seem to be removed I do recommend you let professional do the job because you might damage the carpet if you continue trying different cleaning methods. (If you happen to live in Liverpool than I do recommend trying out Carpet Cleaning Liverpool!).