How To Properly Wash Your Microfiber Cloths?

A lot of people use microfiber cloths whenever they clean their homes – and this is amazing. Microfiber cloths are probably the best tool you can use when cleaning, dusting, or even disinfecting any surface out there. If you happen to still use paper towels then just switch to microfiber cloths – it will change your life. Not only will you stop wasting money on paper towels but you will also see just how easy cleaning can be.

But How To Properly Clean Your Microfiber Cloths?

– Clean After Every Use

Of course, using a microfiber cloth means that you need to clean it… after every use. Yes, microfiber cloths need to be cleaned after each use. So if you just removed the dust in your home then it’s time to clean the cloth you used. That way you will remove all the dust, dirt, and debris that are trapped within the fibres. If you do not clean it after every use then you will simply spread all those impurities – and this is the opposite of what you want, right?

– Wash Them Alone

Because microfiber cloths tend to grab onto lint, hair, dust, and all sorts of other impurities it’s best if you clean them separately. If I have to be honest, I prefer to clean them by hand because I don’t feel like turning on my washing machine for a few cloths, however, if you do intend on using your appliance then make sure you wash them separately.

– Always Let Them Air-Dry

Avoid using your dryer and simply allow your microfiber cloths to air dry. Why? High heat can damage the microfiber and will lead to those tiny fibres melting. If this happens then your cloth will be useless.

– Do Not Use A Fabric Softener

Have you ever wondered why microfiber cloths are so effective? It’s because the fibres create static electricity which attracts the dirt and impurities very easily. If you use fabric softer when cleaning them then the fibres will be coated in residue making them ineffective.

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